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Piggy Squire Hind of Beef

Our Spit-roast hind of beef is a real indulgence and totally original. This roast can form the centre piece of a wedding breakfast or any celebratory meal.

The whole hind of beef comprises of some of the best cuts of roasting beef. The best way of describing it is it’s the same cut as you would get from a leg of lamb but from a prime beef steer. This is a massive roast is slowly roasted and basted on site for up ten hours to produce the most tender and succulent beef possible. This roasted hind over comes the main problem you have when serving beef to a large party in that it provides beef from well done to rare. This is mainly in part due to the slow cooking and the shape of the cut.

Our beef is sourced from Mr J East of Kirlington. Mr East is a very highly regarded beef farmer rearing Limousin, Blonde d’Aquataine and Hereford cross. Your hind of beef will be dry aged for 21 – 28 days prior to roasting

Beef Option 1

Slow roasted hind of beef served with a selection of our salads and sides. Accompanied with a rich gravy from the roasting juices and the traditional accompaniments of Horseradish and Mustard.

Suitable for 120 – 130 dinners

Beef Option 2

Our slow roasted hind of beef served in a selection of freshly baked breads, a dribble of thick rich gravy served with traditional accompaniments.

Suitable for 150 plus.

Roast Hind of Beef